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Heat Shrink Wrap Film Heat Print Shrink Sleeves Shrink Preforms BANDING & SLEEVE LABEL APPLICATION MACHINE

• Type:DSC-160 DSC -300 DSC-450

They can replace the conventional manual label application. They are fully automatic operated, expedites packaging, saves on labor costs. They can be easily integrated into existing production line. Applicable to packaging for either before or after liquid-filling in beverage containers. Suited for containers of various shapes, different container materials. They can be used as either auto sleeve labeling or also auto cap sealing machines. Machines suited for wide range of products like beverages, medicines, batteries, cosmetics and daily health care products. Aside from our regular standard machine features, we can arrange to custom made your labeling machine to match your requirement. T16 aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials are adopted on the machinery body, machine appearance looks very dignified, its magnificent features tout of great machine assembly. No belt is visible from the outside, maintaining a very high safety factor. Two third of our machine parts are entirely manufactured in-house, thereby effectively controlling quality and lower production costs. On instances where customer requires any change in their specifications, adjustments are easy and fast! Containers within the range of diameters∮25- ∮155, no adjustment of the cutting knife is needed. Saving unnecessary delays in production line.

Machine adopts Mitshubishi PLC and servo-drive, with interface settings and adjustments that are easy to operate.

Heat Shrink Wrap Film Shrink Wrap Machinery Shrink Neck Bands
SIZE / MODEL DSC-160 DSC-320 DSC-450
3Ø/220V or 3Ø/440V 3Ø/220V or 3Ø/440V 3Ø/220V or 3Ø/440V
160BPM(Stand) 300BPM(Stand ) 450BPM(Stand)
2.5KW 3.0KW 3.5KW
Ø25~Ø155mm Ø25~Ø155mm Ø25~Ø155mm
30mm~250mm 30mm~250mm 30mm~300mm
0.035~0.08mm 0.035~0.08mm 0.035~0.08mm
BASE M/C SIZE 840×1000×2300mm
(W) (L) (H)
840×1000× 2300mm
(W) (L) (H)
(W) (L) (H)

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